A Better World for Pets™
We’re all connected by our deep love of animals, but our compassion doesn’t stop there. Taking care of the future of veterinary medicine starts with taking care of each other and extends to the entire planet.

Taking care of pets, people and the planet

Everybody in

Did you know VCA has a 100% gender-balanced senior leadership team?
Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion is designed to foster a
culture where all are welcome and respected.

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Waste reduction
We partnered with distribution to consolidate shipments, reducing containers shipped in 2020 by nearly 18% and greenhouse gas emissions by 179 metric tons. By 2050, we plan to reach net zero emissions.
Renewable electricity
We plan to power all our animal hospitals with 100% renewable electricity by 2025.
Antimicrobial resistance
We will implement a pharmaceutical stewardship program in 100% of our clinics by 2025 to decrease drug resistance and preserve the power of antimicrobials.