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VCA is committed to continuously improving the standard of care for our hospitals and veterinary medicine as a whole through the compassionate, high-quality primary and specialty care we provide at our nationwide family of over 1,000 hospitals.

VCA has over 1,000 neighborhood hospitals with support teams dedicated to the health and well being of pets. Our doctors and technicians stay on top of the latest advances in medicine through our online learning platform and live CE events. Hospital teams have the support of our state-of-the-art technology to keep their day moving efficiently with text messaging, dictation, telemedicine, and many more applications.

The VCA Difference

All VCA hospitals focus on providing excellent care to patients and they do that in their own unique way. Each hospital chooses what services they offer—wellness, specialty, ER, exotics care, rehab, feline-only—based on the talents of their team and the needs of the community. Our hospitals are well equipped to provide these services using equipment from dental radiology to MRIs and everything in-between.

Our culture is based on caring, from the pets and families we help each day to our commitment to the communities we support. If a VCA Primary Care Veterinarian needs help on a difficult case, our Advanced Veterinary Care Centers and board-certified specialists are always available. Not only are VCA doctors supported by specialists in the VCA network, but each hospital has a team of highly skilled Veterinary Technicians, Veterinary Assistants and hospital staff, working together to ensure each pet receives the best care.

Fostering Independence and Embracing Technology

We find ourselves referencing this all the time. The combination of these two things is at the heart of what we do. All of our hospitals were once private practices that joined the VCA family because of their success as unique, individual hospitals.

We have a passion for preserving individual hospital culture and we empower leaders and medical professionals in the practice to make the best decisions for their hospital teams and patients. Our commitment to freedom is accompanied by resources to help support teams, pets, and communities. As a VCA team member, you have the freedom to make individual choices for your patients and clients. No treatment plans are dictated to you. In addition, there is support from local leadership when you want to add a service or piece of equipment at your specific VCA location.

Veterinary care is evolving to incorporate new technologies. VCA associates exchange millions of text messages and pictures with clients every year in order to keep them informed and updated on hospitalized patients and lab results. This process is easy for the hospital teams and much appreciated by pet owners. By utilizing our 24/7 live chat through our myVCA app, VCA clients can connect with a licensed veterinary any time of the day or night to ask questions and get advice. Telehealth appointments are becoming more frequent as owners are taking advantage of technology in our ever-changing world.

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Staying at the Forefront of Veterinary Care

VCA Clinical Studies is dedicated to new discoveries and advances in veterinary medicine, resulting in longer and healthier lives for pets and people. Veterinary clinical studies allow VCA hospitals to stay at the forefront of veterinary care for pets in order to provide quality care, better understand disease, improve treatment outcomes, and maintain quality of life.

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Our VCA Pet Cancer Care Alliance is moving the veterinary industry forward with a network of 35+ treatment centers with 65+ oncologists focused on developing advanced cancer treatments. Each center utilizes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and immunotherapy to meet each patient’s individual needs. The Cancer Care Centers were formed in order to offer world-class treatment, improve the quality of life for pets, and cultivate open lines of communication and collaboration between oncologists, primary care veterinarians and pet owners.

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It’s About Caring

Our social responsibility is all about our commitment to pets, to the families that love them, and to the communities where our lives come together. All 1000+ VCA hospitals and 30,000+ associates are empowered to be a considerable force for good in the world. We take care of our people and they take care of themselves, each other and their local communities.

VCA is committed to ending pet homelessness by encouraging and supporting pet adoption. We partner with more than 130 animal shelters and rescue organizations nationwide and provide veterinary care to more than 25,000 homeless and rescued pets per month.

When disaster strikes, VCA is there to help displaced and injured pets. We support our local communities through hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes by offering free boarding for displaced pets, collecting donations for necessary supplies and offering treatment for animals that are in need of medical care.

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Keeping You Well

VCA is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all associates. Our health and well-being program focuses on five key areas: healthy body, healthy mind, healthy finances, healthy career, and healthy community.

There is no denying that a career in veterinary medicine is incredibly rewarding while also presenting emotional and physical demands. We all have different needs at different times, and various aspects of well-being are going to resonate more or less depending on where we are on our journeys through life. By providing a variety of resources, tools and training, we help you take care of yourself so you can stay healthy, energized, and enjoy the important role you play in your community.

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Master Your Profession

VCA has several programs to help team members become experts in their fields.

Externship Program

VCA’s externship program allows you to gain valuable real-world experience by taking what you’ve learned in the classroom and bringing it to the clinic.

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New Graduate Mentorship

New veterinary school graduates hired at any VCA location are automatically enrolled the new Graduate Mentorship Program through VCA Academy. There are tracks for GP and ER. Each new veterinarian is assigned a mentor who will walk them through their first 90 days in practice, assisting with the transition from student to doctor.

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Internship Program and Sponsored Residency Program

VCA is the largest provider of post-graduate veterinary education in North America with our internship program and our sponsored residency program. VCA hosts intern classes at 35 hospitals in multiple states with a wide variety of programs to develop veterinarians in either specialty or GP/ER training.

As a VCA intern, you will see a large number of different medical and surgical cases and have the support of specialists to hone your diagnostic skills and treatment plans. An internship is a great start to a successful career. VCA has specialty internships that are created every year depending on the needs of our interns. Our success rate in placing our interns into advanced training is over 80%, with a staff member dedicated to fueling the success of our interns.

VCA was the first company to create sponsored residencies at veterinary universities and we currently have over 50 sponsored residents working at veterinary teaching hospitals or in VCA specialty practices.

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Technician and Assistant Development Program

VCA is committed to elevating the technicians within our hospitals and within the industry. With this commitment in mind, VCA created the Technician and Assistant Development Program. The goal of this program is to allow technicians and assistants to advance their medical,communication, and leadership skills. This program offers opportunity like tech school scholarships for assistants and paths to VTS for technicians. Whether you are a new grad or have 20+ years of experience, the Development Program will bring your career to the next level.

Continuing Education

Every year since 2003, VCA has awarded worthy recipients North American Veterinary Conference Institute scholarships, which cover all expenses for travel and training in Orlando, Florida. That’s 273 scholarships and counting! In 2019, there were 29 scholarship winners recognized for clinical excellence, dedication to lifetime learning and leadership.